Due to my training as a cabinetmaker wooden constructions are very familiar to me. Since the Middle Ages carpenters have manufactured intelligent constructed pieces of rustic furniture. In the beginning they built chests, tables and benches, usually joined together with slotted workpieces. 

By using plain geometric shapes in conjunction with these traditionally-inspired skills, TILT can be seen as a fresh interpretation of a classic bench.

The legs are joined together by two slotted solid wood parts and are installed with the seat by using only four hidden screws. The handpicked domestic wood has slightly bevelled surfaces which gives it a clean and modern shape. Further thus the seating area is more comfortable and the used material is reduced to the essentials.



length / depth / height    1800-2800 / 420 / 460 mm


length / depth / height    1800-2800 / 980 / 760 mm


ash / oak / walnut


Design | Frederik Kurzweg  2015

Client | free to edition