SUPERPOSE Pendant Lamp

The SUPERPOSE pendant lamp consists of three bent and rounded aluminium sheets which are concentrically arranged arround each other, shifted at a precise 180-degree angle. The accurate balanced proportions vary to the inside of the lamp. 

Through the superimposition of the strictly geometrical shapes it forms as impressive, skulptural appearance that changes with the viewer‘s position. Additional this feeling is intensified by the perforation patterns as the surfaces seem to be more, or less semitransparent. 

Another fascinating effect arises when two overlaying sheets build changing patterns by the intriguing moiré principle. The lamp astonishes the viewer continually with new impressions and unique effects which never cease to attract even when the lamp is out.

Dimensions | 30 x 30 x 50 cm


Design | Frederik Kurzweg  2016

Client | Normann Copenhagen



Photography | Noel Richter